My Writing Desk by EMKO


nuucon for interior brands

we take your brand around the world through our continuously growing network of Business Professionals
My Writing Desk by EMKO


gain access to our worldwide network of professional buyers

nuucon takes your brand to the world. Our carefully selected international retailers are waiting for you. Let us grow your sales by finding the right retailers for your brand.

manage your brands and products in an easy to use interface

We have the tools to present your brands and products the best was possible and you are the one who is fully in charge of how and what you want to display. After all you are the one who knows your brand best.

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your brand matters - decide who buys your products

We give you the possibilities but you are the one who is in control. Easily control and keep track of who purchases your products to what price.

be more efficient and streamline your business

Let us support you in your day-to-day business. Manage all your communication with your buyers and orders incl. billings service in one interface. Use nuucon to streamline all your b2b sales.

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