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nuucon for Retailers, Online Shops and Concept Stores

Our curated product selection helps you to setup and maintain your unique portfolio
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Discover the latest brands and products

nuucon offers a constantly growing number of international interior brands. Discover the right products for your business and make sure that you have what your customers want.

Get all relevant information in one place

Don’t waste time by gathering product data from multiple sources. On nuucon you see all relevant product data and sales information. This makes your day to day job more efficient and gives you more time for the pleasant parts of business.

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Keep track of all your order

Managing multiple orders is your daily business, but also very time consuming. The times of numerous logins and lost e-mail conversations are over. Handle all your orders and communication with the appointed brand on nuucon.

Get personal support from our experts

We know that sometimes you just need a quick answer to a problem, whether it is a specific product you are looking for or a questions about a transaction. The nuucon customer service team is always happy to help. Write us an e-mail, chat with us or give us a call.

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