Mygdal by Nui Studio


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we help you to organise your projects and promise that you will find just the right products to match your requirements
Mygdal by Nui Studio


Find the right product for your projects

each project is unique and each project calls for that special something. On nuucon you have access to a constantly expanding network of the latest interior brands, therefore we are certain that you will find just the right products for your project.

Manage multiple projects in one interface

Having a full project pipeline can be blessing and curse at the same time. nuucon helps you to manage your projects via individual lookbooks and a intuitive order management.

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Get all the information you need in one place

Finding a fitting product is the one thing, acquiring all the necessary product instructions you need for the project is the other. On nuucon all important product information is visible at once.

get personal support from our expert

Whether you are simply looking for new inspirations or you just cannot find that one item to complete your project. Our interior experts are happy to help you.

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